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Birdhouse Buying Club of Tampa Bay

Providing Tampa Bay citizens a democratically-managed source of local, healthy, fresh food

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Market News


The market is now open – if you’d like to order produce, go ahead and place your orders online till 11pm Monday night!

There have recently been a few freezes and, therefore, there is a bit less product this week from Local Roots but great news, she is bringing on a lot more growers and extending into the Dade/Brooksville/Ocala area so in the coming weeks and months, there will be a lot more selection.

If you would like to order special items, i.e. not a box, please put your order in ASAP! />
The pick up times have been extended to Wednesday 6-8pm in order to better accommodate our distributor, farmers, and customers!

And Thursday from 1-4pm. (case by case, call ahead)

If there is something special you want, please email before Sunday 4pm.

As for items from certain farmers (Windmill, Morning Star, etc.), if there is not enough product ordered, it doesn’t always make financial sense for us to drive an hour or two to pick it up. We’ll try to communicate better with members when this happens but just wanted to give everybody a heads up.

Check out some great upcoming events down below!

You now can order ANYTHINGEVEN IF the quantity says zero (some exceptions with Gnarly Farms & others that have strict availability)

Order here today!

Email us if you have any questions.

The boxes are now hand-selected by the customer/member instead of pre-packaged. This means the earlier you come, the more selection you’ll have for your box! Please bring your own box or reusable bag as we are running low at the coop. Also, if you have any to donate, it would be greatly appreciated.

We may donate excess food that does not sell in the course of a week to local food programs that the Tampa Underground organizes – the Good Samaritan, the Hub & home church feedings for those in need.

If you would like to be there to help drop off for those folks, please let me know.

Here’s whats been going on at the Co-op.

Over the past few months a ‘steering committee’ has been meeting every month & working to establish bylaws that are in accordance with our values and principles.

We are almost at the point where we can file for Cooperative status with the state of Florida statute 619. Hopefully, within a few months that will be a reality. If you would like to participate, have legal or nonprofit experience, please let us know.

_Our location change has been pushed back due to the conditions of the building that has been offered to us. Hopefully, we will be in the new space before summer hits. _

Please stay tuned for more details as they unfold.

Farm Spotlight

Gnarly Farms

We are starter homesteaders on a rental property within the Tampa City limits forging our way through sandy soils toward a tiny little eden.

The idea that organic food is best for you is not new, but we believe it based on the fact that this is how nature existed before the dawn of our own alterations to stamen and pistil. In light of this, we utilize organic fertilizers (primarily manure and compost) and focus on interplanting and biointensive methods to keep pests at a minimum rather than resorting to harmful chemicals.

Gnarly Farms is our smallest grower but also can be found at the Twilight Market in Ybor every Tuesday night, including the Birdhouse online market!

Be on the lookout for Recipes under the appropriate tab on Locally Grown!

More updates to come soon!

Coming Events

How to: Cuban Communism
Sobroso in Seminole Heights
March 11th 7:30pm
Ryan, our Market Manager, is back from Cuba! He will be hosting a Tampa Free Skool event talking about his trip and what he learned over some cuban coffee. * We hope you’ll all be able to make it and learn some cool stuff about SOCIALISM!

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) will be marching from Fort Myers to Lakeland between March 3rd-17th, for Rights, Respect, and Fair Food, ending at the Publix Headquarters. They will be in Tampa on the 13th and 14th. Join them in solidarity!

Spring into Sustainable Living
March 9th 10:00am until 6:00pm
Wheat Berries Homestead in Brooksville FL

“Come join us at our homestead for a day full of community and learning. Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much.”

“Beets & Brews”:
Farm to Fork Dinner
March 23rd 6:30pm until 11:30pm

A farm to fork experience presented by Geraldson Community Farm and The Roosevelt 2.0!
Just-harvested vegetarian dinner!
Live music from Jerrod Simpson of Between Bluffs, The Black Mary’s and more to come!
Art demonstrations from Tempus projects.
Beer tasting from Florida Beer Company
Community and Local Love!

Thank you for supporting our efforts to bring you the healthiest, freshest, and most delicious locally-produced foods possible.